QUALITY, How comprehending?

Quality is


v     Performane to the standard expected by the customer

v     Meeting the customer’s needs first time and every time

v     Providing our customers with products and services that consistently meet their needs and expectations

v     Doing the right thing in the right the time, always striving for improvement, and always satisfying the customer

v     A pragmatic system of continual improvement, a way to successfully organized man and machine

v     The meaning of excellence

v     The unyielding and continuing effort by anyone in organization to understand, meet, and exceed the needs of its customers

v     The best product that you can produce with material that you have to work with

Concept quality of itself often is considered to be relative measure of kindness a product or service which consist of quality of design and quality of concordance . Quality of design is specification of product, medium quality of concordance is a measure how far a product fulfills clauses or specification of quality specified.


o       Quality of covering business is fulfilling or exceeds cutomer?client hope


o       Quality of including product, man service, process, and area


o       Quality is condition of the always changes ( for example assumed is the existing certifiable possibly is assumed unsatisfying certifiable during coming).


Therefore Juran in Tjiptono and Diana ( 1995) interprets quality is Fitness for use, has two main aspects:


1.                     Product marking fulfilling customer demand. Higher level quality enables company to increase customer satisfaction, makes saleable product is sold, can vie with competitor, increases market share and volume of trading, and can be sold with higher level price.


2.                   Free of insuffiency. High quality causes company can lessen level of mistake, lessens workmanship to return and extravagance, lessens expense of warranty, lessens dissatisfation of cutomer?client, lessens inspection and examination, cuts short delivery time of product to market, increases result and capacities, and improve;repairs performance forwarding of product or service. ( Nababan et al 2001;Sistem Manajenen Mutu Produk)


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