Maggie and Nada, Intercontinental Friendship


Friendship is a special braid between friends, good one areas, school, compatriot. a meaning in consisting in in it, from two individuals which initially do not know, finally becomes is each other comprehend and loves.


From so much this idiosyncrasy, this there is special a real thing that is intercontinental friendships. Friendship between Maggie Hamilton a chlid from Benua Amerika with Acehnese Nada a child from Indonesia. Sees tightly of the relation of between them to make heartburning us. Although language they differ in but they to have the same darling language.


Tsunami Tragedy 2004 in Aceh became initially, an earthquake inviting world sympathy. Nada is one of victim from thousands of earthquake victim in Aceh. Now alone treads this life. Acehh News disseminates to all over the world is including America.


Maggie which still at school at that time sees news about the tsunami. Smart and sorrow arises at heart  about its, although she ignores with victim. With the schoolmate Maggie looks after fund, at the same time writes letter for victim in Acehh on the chance of can amuse sorrowful


This very special letter because given [by] through finite inter-states functionary finally until to hand a child of Aceh earthquake victim so called Nada. hitherto communications they awaking. As friend they don’t wish to lose one another.


Moment of Indonesia independence day makes meeting of their reality, later date of 17 Augusts 2008. a small case from a chlid which must be exemplified by their each nation. Maggie and Nada as friend, they is each other require and relationship is each other profits always constructive.

What the relation of America with Indonesia?

Fails with Maggie and Nada?


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