6 August 2008, our beloved mother of Endang Dwi Purbajanti sends a SMS in the form of invitation that tomorrow date of 8 August 2008 her second children, Yogi gets married with Dwi.


So Scanning at that time heedless number 8. I get reply, the invitation is sudden & casquette. Enunciated that moment I still in medium Jakarta event of in Central Java although there are desire to attend but time didn’t enable. Other reason to attend because there later will surely meet with nutrition collegiate friends of generation 99 undip and the lecturer as bonus. So all reunion  like that….


Finally only through?via SMS I congratulate at Ibunda and create greeting to Yogi.


Mystery 8, since night date of finite 8 of 9 August 2008 newses in my television at trust would be special its date of that. It is said figure of eight is number HOKI = luck if doing or start an activity at that day.

1. Marriage


Activity KUA by 0808’08 increasing is fast in execution of recently married legalization of marriage. There even exist couple which booking KUA has and place of reception from one year before all for the shake of passing off nuptials at the special day

He/she said : which married on the will become permanent couple. Having stock number logic 8 which its(the writing is [circle;coil] always there is no its(the break.


2. Birth


This which rather hard is predicted by having to pays attention to obstetrical age at mother to bear normally. For the shake of getting date of birth of child of 0808’08 old fellow couples asks Caesar operation that be acurate bears at that day. Again – again request operated for this also experiences improvement at that day.

Yes having stock the HOKI of which old fellow doesn’t wish the chlid is Iucky

FACT : fool fails same of man of parts, man of parts fails same of man who Iucky.


With the many the newses I thus ” ngeh” SMS mrs Endang. O…..one of the reason ( perhaps…..). ok permanent, hopelly…for Yogi & Dwi .


when you married????

This question which be awaiting


Possibly 090909,101010,111111,121212 not 13 ( he/she said out of luck number)


READY TO select;just choose …..more lucky! Super of lucky; Isn’t it true the number bigger than number 8


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